Ready to Transform your life?

The Soul Empowerment course will help you do just that! This 12-week mentorship is a guide to transforming your mind, body, and spirit. With weekly lessons, you'll learn how to:

  • Recognize your spiritual gifts and how to use them.
  • Let go of old programming that may be holding you back from becoming your greater self.
  • Protect your energy so that you may be better able to help yourself and others.
  • Connect with your Angels and Guides.

You are worth it!


"I have been on a spiritual path for over 25 years...However, after meeting Morgana and connecting with AA Anael and the life has completely changed.....It has taken me to such a deep level... I feel expanded that I have grown spiritually on so many levels. I feel blessed to have connected with you." Eileen J.

"A few years ago, I was in a very dark place. I had just come home from the hospital because I had tried to end my life. I had lost my will to live. I was referred to Morgana.
She was VERY professional yet very personable. She put me at ease right away and picked up on exactly what I needed help with. She was SPOT on!! She assisted by giving me the tools to deal with my personal demons, and as I followed her advice, I found that life was worth living again. If I had not taken that chance and met with Morgana, I would not be here today. She is a true treasure and very talented with her gifts. I would recommend ANYONE to allow her to help them change their lives. I am forever grateful to her for saving my life." Stacy J.

Overview of Weeks 1-4


You Are Not Alone

Here, you'll connect with people who understand what you're going through and support you along your spiritual path.


You Are Not Crazy. 

This week you'll learn to understand what's going on inside you.


Physical Symptoms of Awakening.

 Learn to recognize the physical symptoms of awakening and the strategies to cope with them.


Energy & Home Protection. 

Learn how to protect yourself and your home from negative energies.

Overview of Weeks 5-8


Releasing Trauma. 

Learn to identify, process, and release any past trauma that may be holding you back.


Fight or Flight? 

Find out how to identify your response and recognize and understand it.


Unblock Your Life.

 Learn to unblock the things that keep you from being your authentic self.


Inner Child Work.

 Identify what childhood events shaped your current beliefs.

Overview of Weeks 9-12


Spiritual Gifts Activation

Learn to activate your gifts and step into your power.

WEEK #10

Guided Merging & Merkaba Activation. 

Learn to merge your spiritual activation to be ready to use your gifts.

WEEK #11

Blessing or a Curse? 

This week we will take an in-depth look at what your gifts mean.

WEEK #12

Lightworkers & Relationships 101. 

Learn to recognize changing relationships and how to deal with those unable to accept the new you.

About your Coach

Morgana Starr is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, and more. 

Known internationally as The Angel Communicator and a channel for Archangel Anael, she has helped clients around the globe for decades. 

She is a powerful mentor who helps clients awaken their gifts safely and guides them through their journeys.

Morgana would love the chance to chat with you to see if this empowering course is right for you. Please email her at [email protected] or call her shop, Angels Oasis, at 321-506-1143 to book a complimentary call. 

Do you have questions about this Course?

Please email Morgana at [email protected] or call her shop, Angels Oasis, at 321-506-1143 to book a complimentary call to discuss if this course is a fit for you.

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