James Jacob Peirri

Author of The AusetGypsy Tarot Deck and Co-Creator/Author of Tarot Training Sleeves ( Both Published by REDfeather MBS) .James studied Ayurvedic Medicine, Anatomy & Physiology and Herbalism, graduating from The Florida College of Natural Health & Holistic Sciences and also studied Aromatherapy at The AVEDA Institute NYC. James holds national certification as massage therapist, Yoga instructor and Usui Reiki practitioner He is the author of the internationally published AusetGypsy Tarot & Book Set. A beautiful robust 78 card Tarot deck complete with an accompanying book based on his 25+ year experience as a Tarot reader and teacher.
AusetGypsy began as a nick name given when James was a young Tarot reader at Universal Studios Orlando theme park Islands Of Adventure in 1999. From there the nick name grew into a logo, website until finally a full on brand and brick and mortar shop specializing in holistic, spiritual and metaphysical services and merchandise.
Auset is the 19th century French attempt at pronunciation of the Name of the Goddess Isis, of which James is a devotee and ordained priest.
Gypsy, though not Rroma as often thought, James is of Vlach/Aromanji (nomads by customary tradition, renown for astrology, folk remedies/ magic, divination) & Italian descent. Proud of his family history , James likes to keep the spirit of his cultures alive through his modern day adaptations of his holistic and folk remedy work with a strong touch of old world charm and feel.

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