Proper Use of Sage

Are you using Sage to cleanse your energy and home?

While Sage works for your energy and the overall energy in your space, it will NOT clear negative entities.

Break through the misinformation with Morgana Starr. With 30 years of Spiritual work, she has been working with entities and treating them with love and compassion to clear them for decades.

She is a new thought leader that busts metaphysical myths… with Sage clearing negative entities being the most frustrating and Dangerous of all.

Misuse of Sage can be Dangerous

Indigenous communities in North America have used white sage for centuries for its medicinal and spiritual properties.

White sage is a sacred plant and should be harvested and used with respect and care.

The plant is believed to have purifying properties and is commonly used in smudging ceremonies to cleanse individuals, spaces, and objects of negative energy.

It is essential to use it properly, or it could have negative ramifications for you. 

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Your Coach

Morgana Starr is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, and more.

Known internationally as The Angel Communicator and a channel for Archangel Anael, she has helped clients around the globe for decades.

She is a powerful mentor who helps clients awaken their gifts safely and guides them through their journeys.