Past Life Regression

Our past lives affect us in this life more than we realize.

In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of past lives, and at the end of the course, you will go through a guided meditation to receive messages and flashes of your past lives!

You can complete this meditation as many times as you’d like to uncover multiple past lives. 

Why Remember Past Lives?

Remembering past lives can be a significant aspect of spiritual and personal growth. It can provide individuals with a deeper understanding of their current life's purpose and help them identify patterns and behaviors that may hold them back.

Moreover, remembering past lives can offer a sense of continuity and a connection to a greater, timeless narrative. This knowledge can be empowering, enabling individuals to make more informed decisions and cultivate a stronger sense of self.

Overall, remembering past lives can be a valuable tool for personal reflection, growth, and spiritual development.

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Your Coach

Morgana Starr is a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Reiki Master, and more.

Known internationally as The Angel Communicator and a channel for Archangel Anael, she has helped clients around the globe for decades.

She is a powerful mentor who helps clients awaken their gifts safely and guides them through their journeys.